About Our Business

Turning Point Brands, Inc. (NYSE: TPB) is a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of branded consumer products including alternative smoking accessories and consumables with active ingredients. We sell a wide range of products to adult consumers, from our iconic brands to our next generation products to fulfill evolving consumer preferences. Our focus segments are led by our core, proprietary brands: Zig-Zag® in the Zig-Zag Products segment; and Stoker’s® along with Beech-Nut® and Trophy® in the Stoker’s Products segment. Our businesses generate solid cash flow which we use to finance acquisitions, increase brand support, expand our distribution infrastructure, and strengthen our capital position.



Our portfolio includes the world-famous Zig-Zag® brand, with a proud heritage of leadership dating to 1879. Zig-Zag is the leading premium paper in both the United States and Canada today. Over the past decade, Zig-Zag® has successfully expanded its consumer base into new product categories such as cigar wraps, hemp paper and paper cones.


Rolling Papers

Iconic Zig-Zag® is the leading premium rolling paper brand in both the US and Canada. Zig-Zag® papers allow the consumer to craft a superior smoking experience with a premium rolling paper that doesn’t mask the smoking experience.

Make Your Own Cigar Wraps

Introduced in 2009, Zig-Zag® MYO Cigar Wraps quickly became the category leader. Made in the Dominican Republic, a country with a rich cigar tradition, Zig-Zag® MYO Cigar Wraps allow consumers to make their own smooth smoking, flavorful cigars.

Other Products

In 2010, Zig-Zag® entered the non-tipped cigarillo cigar market. Made in the Dominican Republic with a premium blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos and great tasting flavors, Zig-Zag® Cigarillos provide a rich, satisfying and smooth smoke in a broad array of taste offerings.

Zig-Zag® also markets other ancillary products like rolling trays, rollers, apparel and other accessories.

In 2022, Turning Point Brands entered the lighter market through an exclusive distribution agreement for CLIPPER® lighters in the United States and Canada.

Zig-Zag Products


The Stoker’s® brand has a proud heritage dating to 1940. Stoker’s competes in the chewing tobacco segment, where it has grown to the #2 position, and in the moist snuff segment, where it remains one of the fastest-growing brands. The portfolio also includes Beech-Nut®, launched in 1897, and a diverse collection of other chewing tobacco brands that offer a variety of consumer choices and tastes.

Stokers Moist


Leveraging its big bag chewing tobacco heritage, Stoker’s® innovatively expanded a value-oriented 12 oz. moist snuff tub in 2008. Behind the “A Great Dip at a Fair Price” positioning and unique product offering, the Stoker’s tub has grown faster than the overall moist snuff category since introduction. Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Stoker’s brand, we began expanding a 1.2 oz. format nationally to broaden our moist snuff distribution

Stokers Chew

Chewing Tobacco

Our Chewing Tobacco brands provide a broad array of taste experiences and product formats. Beech-Nut®, which dates to 1897, competes in the premium segment. Our value offerings are led by the innovative Stoker’s® brand. Stoker's®, with a heritage that dates to 1940, was the first brand to introduce 8 oz. and 16 oz. bags behind a “Buy Big. Save Big” positioning and is available in a range of flavorings.


Modern Oral Products

We are applying our expertise from our traditional core products to the growing modern oral market with our innovative products.

Solace Gum