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We strive to be the employer of choice by having a safe, diverse, and caring culture.

Our Commitment

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Turning Point Brands strives to be the employer of choice. Fostering openness, diversity, and respect are our key objectives. We value everyone and strive to work as one team. We invest significantly in our people and their workplace by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and ensuring their ongoing professional and personal development. We are committed to a work environment where all employees have equal opportunities to succeed, and we take a proactive approach to sustain this environment. We encourage our people to give something back to their local communities, whether it is time, effort, or a financial contribution.

Our Approach

Human Resources

At Turning Point Brands, we have a proactive Human Resources (HR) organization which serves to support our goal of being the employer of choice. In addition to assuring our compliance with federal, state, and local laws, our HR organization monitors our working environment and provides proactive initiatives to engage our employees and support our culture.

Health and Safety

The Company’s health and safety programs are designed to address applicable regulations as well as the specific hazards and work environments of each of our facilities. The Company regularly conducts safety reviews at each of its locations to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and all policies and procedures. We maintain safety committees who meet regularly to discuss and address any potential issues in our warehouse and manufacturing facilities. In addition, we conduct quarterly Motor Vehicle Safety trainings and annual Motor Vehicle Records checks for those assigned to company vehicles or who are daily drivers. The Company utilizes a number of metrics to assess the performance of its health and safety policies, procedures and initiatives, including lost workdays and any recordable or reportable incidents.

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Employee Engagement

To assess and improve employee retention and engagement, the Company conducts employee surveys, with the assistance of third-party consultants, and uses the results of and feedback from the surveys to address its employees’ concerns. Our most recent survey included participation by over two-thirds of our employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Company places a high value on diversity and inclusion. We believe that a diverse workforce and diverse management are keys to our winning. Having a diverse workforce reinforces our goal of being the employer of choice. We are diligent in having a culture that welcomes diversity. We follow all applicable laws related to discrimination and have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. We also work to make sure we find the best candidates, and seek to have diversity in our work force.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

We are committed to non-discrimination in all areas of our business. No employees, potential employees, suppliers, or other persons with which Turning Point comes in contact should feel that they are or could be the subject of discrimination. All reports of breaches are investigated quickly, and swift action is taken if the breach is confirmed. Breaches can be communicated through an employee’s manager, HR, or the legal department. Turning Point also has a whistleblower hotline where a breach can be communicated anonymously.

Training and Talent Development

The Company provides technical and leadership training to its employees. We believe that access to training provides the tools necessary for our employees to grow and advance within the organization. The Company believes that encouraging continual development is essential for it to maintain the strength and profitability of the Company and lay the foundation for growth. The Company has also launched a learning management system for tracking training hours for its employees.

Retaining Talent

To retain its employees, the Company believes it is critical to continually focus on ensuring employees are highly engaged and feel valued. We address these retention efforts in several ways, from formal surveys and quarterly business updates, to regular informal discussions with employees that enable us to listen to, understand and address their concerns. We also strive to promote from within the organization. In order to achieve this, the Company reviews talent within the organization for advancement opportunities and posts its job openings on our website to allow current employees to apply. In addition, the Company provides regular feedback to our employees, having moved to a system of quarterly performance reviews.

Employee Benefits

We believe in order to be the employer of choice we must provide a foundation of employee benefits for our people. We offer comprehensive benefit programs to our employees that provides them with, among other things, medical, dental, and vision healthcare; 401K matching contributions; paid parental leave; tuition assistance; and paid vacation time.

Our progress

2020 Highlights

Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on our society. At Turning Point Brands, we immediately implemented programs to prevent the further spread of the virus, while also supporting the needs of our customers, consumers, employees and communities. We mobilized our internal resources during the COVID-19 crises to ensure the protection of our people while devoting company resources to assist the community at large, including:

  • Implementing processes to keep our team members safe with plantwide safety and cleanliness protocols, split shifts for fulfillment personnel, and isolating work units where possible.
  • Assisting those employees who were at risk to provide work from home options.
  • Leveraging our bottle filling capabilities to manufacture hand sanitizer in accordance with FDA Guidance, and distributing them to our employees.
  • Donating large quantities of our hand sanitizer to first responders, hospitals, nursing homes, companies, and individuals.
  • Leveraging our IT strength and implementing videoconferencing to minimize contact and travel.
  • Communicating regularly with our employees, customers, and the community to understand their challenges and ways to assist them.
  • Providing lunches for our employees from local restaurants that were impacted by the pandemic.
  • Recognizing the commitment of our employees by providing worker incentives for our team members who could not work remotely.

Other highlights

At the end of 2020, 35% of the Company's workforce were women and 22% of the Company's employees in managerial roles were women. Underrepresented minorities comprised 27% of the Company's workforce, with 16% of our managerial roles held by underrepresented minorities.

Senior management was represented by 18% women and 18% underrepresented minorities at the end of 2020.

In 2020, the Company initiated an employee culture survey with the assistance of third-party consultants. Over two-thirds of our employees participated. We will use the results of and feedback from the survey to address employees’ concerns and evaluate our programs and processes.

SOCIAL 2020 2019
Health and Safety Aim to achieve zero accidents Number of work-related accidents resulting in injury to employees 7 9
Lost time incident rate 0.23 1.05
Number of serious injuries: Employees 1 5
Number of fatalities: Employees 0 0
Number of fatalities involving TPB vehicles: Public 0 0
% of people trained on Health and Safety Policy 36% 25%
People and Culture Continue to focus on representation of women and underrepresented minorities Number of TPB employees 407 479
% of women representation: All employees 35% 31%
% of women representation: All non-management employees 30% 33%
% of women representation: All management employees 22% 21%
% of women representation: All senior management employees 18% 22%
% underrepresented minorities: All employees 27% 34%
% underrepresented minorities: All non-management employees 23% 27%
% underrepresented minorities: All management employees 16% 34%
% underrepresented minorities: All senior management employees 18% 0%

Moving Forward

  • Continued focus on diversity and gender balance
  • Continued focus on a safe and healthy work environment
  • Monitor our practices to support our employer of choice initiatives