Our organization has built a solid foundation in the Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Category by successfully combining a diverse portfolio of well-known and ground-breaking new brands with a highly effective sales and distribution network.

Our tobacco portfolio features iconic, historical brands Zig-Zag®, Beech-Nut® and Stoker’s®. The world famous Zig-Zag® brand has a proud heritage of leadership dating to 1879. Winner of the 1900 World’s Fair Gold Medal for being the first interleaved Cigarette Paper, it remains a leading premium paper in the United States and Canada today. Over the past decade, Zig-Zag® has entered and been successful in the Make Your Own Cigar and Cigar segments. Beech-Nut®, with a rich history that dates to 1897, remains a formidable competitor in the premium Chewing Tobacco segment. And Stoker's®, with a heritage dating to 1940, has grown to a leading position in Chewing Tobacco and is the fastest-growing Moist Snuff tobacco on the market today.

Determined to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences, we’ve expanded into the high-growth Electronic Vapor segment. We first developed a strategic partnership with VMR, securing retail distribution rights for V2® —a leading on-line electronic cigarette brand. Thanks to the hard work of our highly effective sales organization, V2® is now available in retail stores nationally and has captured a leading share in closed system electronic cigarettes within the stores where it is carried. We are now securing retail distribution of an innovative line of new V2® open system vaporizers and E-liquids. We also developed and launched a line of vaporizers to complement our E-liquids behind the powerful Zig-Zag® brand.

We believe our experienced management team has the ability to utilize our broad portfolio of brands, highly effective sales force and key strategic partnerships to continue providing adult consumers an exciting array of high quality products and increasing stockholder’s value well into the future. Thank you.

Larry Wexler

President & CEO


To provide adult consumers with a broad portfolio of Tobacco and Non-Tobacco brands that provide superior, satisfying Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco, and Vaping experiences.


Turning Point Brands growth will be driven by introductions in established and new category segments behind the world famous, iconic Zig-Zag® brand, the fast growing Stoker’s® brand, new products, and potential future strategic acquisitions.




We need to have fun at our jobs to optimize performance and to passionately represent the company, brands and consumers.


We have to demonstrate our character by adhering to the spirit and letter of all laws and policies and facing issues openly and honestly. We will work to earn each other’s trust by directly confronting issues and encouraging open communication and opinions.


We have to recognize that our actions drive results and we need to be accountable for delivering the desired outcome while living our values. We will be a learning organization, which will share what we learn across the Company and generate a climate which allows us to innovate, continuously improve, and take appropriate risks to find better solutions and to grow as an organization.


We will strive to create a culture of excellence in which nothing but our best effort is acceptable to each of us. We will make decisions and create work processes with the understanding that speed is a competitive asset and everyone’s time is a scarce resource.


We will build competent, high-performing teams which will be rewarded for success. We will lead through service, to each other, our Company, our stakeholders, our customers, community and family.